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Contact us to see how we can help with increasing competencies of your nurses, healthcare professionals, or students.

SCHOLAR Services



We will teach our technique to your faculty or staff development nurses, lead the development of a multi-patient scenario based on your needs and objectives, mentor the development of your sim team, and guide your staff through the execution of a 72-hour integrated sim in your facility. We evaluate your nurses or students using our specifically designed instrument and provide an extensive debriefing of the simulation for your staff. 


Turnkey Integrated Simulation

We will bring our own staff in to execute a 72-hour simulation for your program, residency, or staff. Based on information and objectives that you provide to us, we will design a simulation to meet your needs, and provide experienced faculty to run the sim, observe, monitor, and assess nurses (or students), and provide a summary of each of your nurses' performance and their needs for further development.


Educator Institute and Curriculum Consultation

Do you current simulations focus on the centrality of nursing? We can help you integrate multi-patient simulations that focus on the centrality of nursing into your curriculum. We will examine your curriculum and provide consultation on designing a simulation curriculum that will build on previous learning, develop clinical reasoning abilities, and ensure that your students are ready for and able to excel in a 72-hour multi-patient simulation as a capstone experience. We also provide training on simulation techniques and debriefing methods. We provide extensively developed training materials to accompany our work with educators. 

Nurse Competency Training

We provide competency development through shorter day-long sims to focus on competency in such areas as critical thinking, clinical judgment and priority setting, managing a multi-patient assignment (including medication administration and documentation), team work, and handoff communication. We provide extensive debriefing along with a detailed evaluation of performance with recommendations for continued improvement. 

For a quote or more information, please refer to our Contact Us page.

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