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SCHOLAR: An entirely new approach to simulation education which focuses on the competencies nurses need in today's complex healthcare environment. 


Simulation-based Clinical and Hospital Learning for Accelerated Readiness

Nurses care for more than one patient and they need to be able to anticipate patient issues, prioritize and manage competing needs, manage medication administration, and collaborate with the healthcare team. We introduce these competing needs and experiences in our 72-hour multi-patient simulated hospital environment. "Everyone teaches skills; nobody teaches competency." We teach competency.


Our simulations use a chronologically-based approach (just like space shuttle simulations) that allows for disease and scenario progression not seen in any other nursing simulation.  We script using a team-based, disciplined, openly creative approach that can be adapted to any situation, including recently discovered health threats, or situations that may challenge health-providers in unexpected ways.  

Not only is the goal to create a holistic, realistic training environment but it is always performed and executed by teamwork. Teamwork is essential from its inception to the end of its debrief. Every event within the simulation is scripted (planned), coordinated to create synergistic effects, monitored, executed, and finally, reconstructed, creating a workload that can only be moderated and fully realized by teams of people working together. In that sense, the simulation is itself a microcosm of the hospital where exactly the same dynamic is at work; and something that is not exercised by any other nursing simulation approach we are aware of.

Based on Watson's Caring Science and Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory, our model is based on the belief that nursing is relational and that the centrality of nursing is caring and the human health experience. We focus on the patient experience. Our technique provides an integrated experience that goes far beyond the typical simulator based experience.

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