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Welcome to the ScholarSim Blog!

Welcome to our blog! In our blog we will introduce you to SCHOLAR: Simulating Clinical and Hospital Learning for Accelerated Readiness. We will talk about current issues in nursing education that led to the development of SCHOLAR and share what we are doing to transform nursing education. Checkout our website to learn about the exciting work of SCHOLAR.

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We've had many questions about why we do not use standardized patients (SPs) in our integrated simulations. Some think this is because of budgets and the costs of employing SPs. That's not it at all.

When you think of teamwork in a simulation, you think teamwork among students, right? In our 48- and 72-hour continuous integrated sims, there are many opportunities for teamwork and interprofessioina

In a recent paper, A Crisis in Competency: A Defining Moment in Nursing Education, Kavanaugh & Sharpnack (2021) discussed their concerns regarding the alarming decline in competency levels of new grad

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